September in our Garden

September has arrived and fall is right around the corner. The mornings feel a little brisker, and some of the trees in the neighborhood are starting to turn colors. Our tomatoes, which did well this year, were set back a bit by the 100 degree plus days in August. Hopefully they'll recover and produce into October, which they sometimes do. The pomegranate tree is full of fruit, which should be ready around December. The birds have finished eating our grapes, although we managed to save a few for ourselves. Losing the grapes was somewhat of a blessing though, because for a couple of weeks our yard was filled with birds visiting our garden. There was one bright yellow bird that we think was a western tanager. They apparently migrate through here, but we had never seen one before. He was quite handsome, with his bright yellow body and light red head. For some reason, none of the birds would touch our Concord grapes, so there's that, anyway.

You can view more photos of our garden in the slideshow below. Look close and you'll see one of our friendly hummingbirds at the fountain.

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Thirsty Hummingbird
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Thirsty Hummingbird
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Fountain Pathway
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Fountain Pathway
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Olive Tree Arch
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Arch and Tomatoes
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Cantaloupe Vine
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Garden Angel