Back in the last millenium, circa 1997, we put together a booklet of Ron's favorite recipes for our family. We titled it "Ron's 300 Year Old Norwegian Recipes" because Ron likes to tell people that his recipes are, you guessed it, 300 year old Norwegian recipes. Of course they are not, but I found that to be an endearing habit of his, thus the title. The next year we titled the booklet "Cap'n Ron's Galley" because of our boating lifestyle. We included a section of Ron's "Norwegian" recipes. Actually, Ron's ancestry is part Norwegian, and there are a couple of Norwegian recipes in the booklet. A promised third edition of the booklet never materialized. As each year passed, it became easier not to find the time to work on it. But miracles happen, and at long last, here is the "third edition."

Ron's Cookbook