Captain Ron in his Galley

Captain Ron in his Galley

Ron and Marilyn Gregory met at Oxbow Marina in Isleton, California and were married there in 1993. Boating has been a large part of their life together. They even lived on their boat for almost 3 years, together with 2 cats. Ron has been selling boats since 2000, and since 2007 he has operated his own brokerage.

Ron's love of cooking started at an early age. He has collected, modified, created, and of course cooked, recipes for most of his life. The recipes presented here are based on a cookbook Ron and Marilyn put together for the family in 1997, and updated a year later. Family members might notice that Ron is still modifying recipes. He enjoys trying new ingredients and different methods of cooking.

Also included are recipes from Ron's mother, who created her own cookbook in 1993.

We hope you enjoy these recipes, and to the family: Sorry this took so long!

Cover of Printed Cookbook